Unanimated:Blackness of the Fallen Star

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“Blackness of the Fallen Star”
Artist: Unanimated
Albums: In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead (1992)

Come forth through the gates
And show me your ways
Take away my mortal life, take it away
Let your magic touch embrace my mind
Lead my eyes through the fire storm
I fall into the flames of hell
I laugh as I burn
In the hellish scorn I dwell
But I will return
The blackness in my soul awaits
To fly from hell
To a world I shall destroy
To a mankind I shall kill
Grant me with magic and power
To rise
The ways of christ with joy I
Burn for you
Blessed souls shall suffer and
Bleed, bleed
Like a black fallen star you die
I fall through the flames
I laugh as I burn...