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| song = France
| song = France
| artist = The Libertines
| artist = The Libertines
| albums = [[The Libertines:The Libertines (2004)|2004|The Libertines]]
| albums = {{song album|The Libertines|The Libertines|2004}}
| credits = [[Carl Barât]], [[Pete Doherty]]
| credits = [[Carl Barât]], [[Pete Doherty]]
| lyricist =  
| lyricist =  

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Artist: The Libertines
Albums: The Libertines (2004)
Composers: Carl Barât, Pete Doherty

The ideal girl in London from France
Came over then left me
She left me entranced
Now I have to get by once again on my own
Nothing but memories

So I remember your eyes that unique shade of brown
While these blue eyes of mine they stay closed
I kissed you good bye
On the M109 I choked as I watched the bus go

Choking and smoking to your angelic soul
Choking and smoking myself into a hole
Where the only way out is to sleep and to dream
And to cry out your name.