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“Broken Record”
Artist: Scarling
Albums: So Long, Scarecrow (2005)

Just one more drink
And then go to bed
You stared at your glass
As I emptied my head
I said that I'm sorry
You said that's a shame
I'll blame those boys
With those sweet christian names...
I'm planning for closure
With guilt and remorse
You long for moments
When love was a source...
And if you're not happy
Why do you stay...
Treacherous answers part lips and you'd say:


"Oh, this never felt like home"
And you said:"oh, you never left me alone"
And I said "oh, I would've started to drown"
This record broke on its own...

Surrender or nothing
I'm giving my best
By ripping what's left
From your half empty chest...
Tonight I'll be honest
Tonight you'll be brave...
It's all that I wanted
It's all that you crave...
You're watching my face
My tears are a strain
You're heart makes a fist
And it's bruising my brain...
And if I'm so happy...
...Why do I say all these things that linger, rot, and decay...


And you said: "oh, Christ hang up the phone... "
And you said: "oh, I guess I've always known"
But I said "oh, never leave me alone"
Oh-oh-oh... this record broke on its own...

This record breaks on its own