Qntal:Maiden In The Mor

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“Maiden In The Mor”
Artist: Qntal
Albums: Qntal III - Tristan und Isolde (2003)
Lyricists: Anonymous, England

Maiden in the mor lay
In the mor lay
Sevenight fulle, sevenight fulle
Maiden in the mor lay
In the mor lay
Sevenightes fulle and a day

Welle was hire mete
What was hire mete?
The primerole and the-
The primerole and the violet

Welle was hire dring
What was hire dring?
The chelde water of the-
The chelde water of the welle spring

Welle was hire bour
What was hire bour?
The red rose and the-
The red rose and the lilie flour