Mischief Brew:Ain't It the Life?

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“Ain't It the Life?”
Artist: Mischief Brew
Albums: Smash the Windows (2005)
Composers: Erik Petersen
Lyricists: Erik Petersen

Never sing "No surrender,"
When you've just learned to crawl.
It's all bravery knowin'
When to fly and to fall.

But down here by the ocean,
Things just don't seem so bad
On our backs.
And we've all forgotten
Whatever had made us so mad.

Always fall into slumber
At the end of the day.
May you dream of a world where
There ain't nothin' to say.

Every answer, "Whatever."
It's all easy to take
In my place.
So let's get stoned,
And watch the Main Street parade.

Coconuts and bananas,
Rum and sugar cane juice.
Fill it up on papaya,
All this passion and fruit.

What the hell, have another!
Border's thousands of miles
Out of sight.
May all we do
Be all for our delight.

And I'll dream,
As the factories lie in crumbles.
May all we do be all for our,
May all we do be all for our,
May all we do be all for our delight...