Mark Lanegan Band:Sleep With Me

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“Sleep With Me”
Artist: Mark Lanegan Band
Albums: Here Comes That Weird Chill (2003)
Composers: Mark Lanegan

Heavy head and harbour mine
Red soaked cloud at my blood shot eye
The faithful scatter, they're running away
Along for the ride
With all of my shame
Now I need someone
Oh sleep with me, sleep with me
Dark night coming won't you, sleep with me
Those feral girls will suit me more than
Gloss from drugstore magazines
Their werewolf teeth flicker and gleam
You're someone who saw the same way I see at the
Turn of a century
Skip thin dimes on sheets of ice
Got my eyes on you
You got your eyes on me
The angels have scattered, swearing to god
The albatross dies in a firing squad
I need someone
Ah, sleep with me
Sleep with me
Dark night fallin', come on, sleep with me
Heavy head and asphalt blind
Gift horse pissed in my bloodshot eye
Dead dream on beyond stares
The ambulance crawl
The siren I hear and I
Find me anywhere
The faithful scatter, running away
Along for the ride, when all of my shame
Cause I need someone
Oh you're looking at me, I've got my eyes on you
The world, is falling away
It's a dark night