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Welcome to Lyriki, The Lyrics Wiki

Lyriki is a MediaWiki based site for the sharing and searching of any song lyrics. When creating an article for a commercial release, you need to be sure that you've transcribed the lyrics yourself, and not simply copied them word for word out of the little booklet. If it's not a commercial release, you need to be sure to indicate such so that we do not try to verify it as a commercial release and can format the entry appropriately.

Due to the wonderful nature of the things that are 'wiki', Lyriki is what its users make of it for the most part. The intent is as stated above, but the wiki system allows for a lot of creativity and a style of working collaboratively on web projects that isn't very common.

Lyriki is not a P2P site or a site focused on downloading songs. You will find no copyright infected media here.

Before contributing to Lyriki, please Create an account. This helps tremendously in communication, it's very hard to know who's behind an IP address, especially considering dial-up users and mechanisms like Tor. If you have an account at least we have an idea of 'you'. That we can address tips and corrections too. We appreciate every contribution however, this just makes it easier to help people learn from their mistakes if they have an account and choose to view their talk page from time to time when it's edited :)

What's new at Lyriki?

Not directly Lyriki related, but, I had a recent stint at the hospital with severe stomach pain, on the bright side, nothing was blocked or such, just a nasty nasty infection. The bad side is it's left me with a huge hospital bill. If you're feeling generous and in a position to help, you can give a donation using the link on the Donations page. --Nanenj 19:16, 23 March 2006 (PST)

Lyriki's Standards need to be cemented as we're growing. It's very obvious certain decisions on formatting and such need to be made, of course they can be adapted if needs change, but we need to have a clear concept for now of what's the definitive 'correct'. All input is welcome.

Added a Quickstart guide. Read if you want to get acquainted with Lyriki at light-speed ;)

Added a Categorization guide.

What can I do at Lyriki?

You may contribute by adding the lyrics to your favorite songs.

You may search the existing database of songs using the search box on the left in order to find the lyrics to songs you like but just can't seem to remember every line of.

If the song that you're looking for doesn't yet exist in our database, you can submit a request for it by editing the request page.

How Do I Enter Information?

For lyrics, this is best done by listening to the song repeatedly and transcribing the words the best you can. Don't worry if you make mistakes; someone else that likes the song will probably come along and offer a correction or two, and eventually the community should be able to come to a consensus as to what the proper lyrics are.

For artist and album information, you should either transcribe the information from your own CDs, or you can gather information from various web sites, like the Wikipedia, the All Music Guide or even

Before contributing, please look at our help section or our pages on adding new songs, albums and artists. These pages contain templates that should be used when entering lyrics or other information. This gives our pages a common look and feel, ensures the layout for lyrics is correct and makes sure all the information shows up properly in the indexes.


Spamming will not be tolerated, every change on a wiki is logged by IP address. If we notice you adding spam links to any page, your IP will be blocked and your ISP notified. There are no exceptions.

-The Lyriki team

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