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<lyrics> 1) Download and install Ruby. 2) Download and install ActiveTcl. 3) Download and extract Lyriki Amarok plugin. 4) Download and install AMIP for the media player you're using. 5) Configure AMIP's Output string & preset to a line similar to the following. /exec:(d:\lyriki\lyriki.rb) --user username --pass password --artist "%1" --title "%2" --album "%4" --year "%5" -m -s 6) Play a song and wait, you will not get any feedback if this fails unfortunately. 7) If nothing happens a few seconds (up to 20ish) after playing, you -may- need to copy the tcl lib directory to the root of the drive you have Lyriki's plugin on. In my case, I had to copy it to d:\lib\ <lyrics> Note again, this method is not supported. This is how it worked for me. It's ugly, it's hackish, but, I was determined to get it working for the music I played.