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Artist Naming Standard


Example: Queen

This is not so firmly set in stone as simply the name of the Artist, but, there's a small possibility for collisions when multiple artists use the same name. I'm open for how to resolve this, initial discussion between Evelyn and I led to giving 'base' name preference to the first formed band, and then using locale tags, or some other unique identifier for subsequent bands of the same name. e.g. Duplicate Band [UK] for a newer band with the same name, from the United Kingdom.

Album Naming Standard

Artist:Album (Year)

Example: Queen:Greatest Hits (1981)

This is fairly set in stone. I don't see many collisions using this format possible.

Song Naming Standard


Example: Queen:Bicycle Race

This is only something that's shown up recently, where there's a possible dispute on names. A song should be listed as it's listed on the album tracklist. So, if the tracklist on the album says (Instrumental) after the track's name, that's how it should be listed here. That's my recommendation, there's nothing set in stone on this. This is a new topic, open for input.


The current decision, albeit mostly arbitrary on my part is that proper capitalization is every first letter is the proper way to format titles for Lyriki. There's small discussion about it, and if someone else can provide the code to make some of the other solutions work, we'd be more then happy to try them.

"The Vitamins Are In My Fresh Brussel Sprouts" is correct.
"The Vitamins are in my Fresh Brussel Sprouts" is incorrect.

Short Discography vs. Long Discography on artist page

This is something that we discussed when there was only half as many members as there are now, and most of the votes went towards simply using the shortened discography. The main reason this was discussed is because some felt it made the album page pointless. I personally like the album page :). At the moment, both are still considered correct. If it's decided to go with short discographies we may strip the long ones down, or vice versa if it's decided to go with the long ones.

Short Discography:

* Year [[Artist:Album (Year)|Album]]

Long Discography:

=== [[Artist:Album (Year)|Album (Year)]] ===
# Track 1
# Track 2
# Track 3

Non-Album CDs

Any suggestions on how to handle Singles, EPs, etc? Maybe just a == Heading ==?

Instrumental Songs

Do instrumental songs get pages? Yes. Because of the segmentation of information and the various levels of specificity (is that a word? :P) Artist pages can contain information that pertains to the the artist or band as a whole, album pages to that particular album, and song pages to that particular song. Even instrumentals can have additional information available. Our main focus is lyrics for songs, but, instrumentals, mayhaps we'd be able to post tablature, or if there's various trivia related to the song, that's where it goes.