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Super-fast, Get started, I just wanna add lyrics now, guide

All you need to know is the artistname and song name. The pages are titled Artist:Song so....

Blackalicious:My Pen and Pad

would be a proper songtitle, simply enter that into the search box on left, if there's a direct match, it means that song is already in lyriki's database, if not, you can click 'Create this article'. You should double check that the title of the article is indeed correct, and then you can add the lyrics to the page and save. If it needs any cleaning up or additional formatting, someone else should happen by shortly.

What's Lyriki For?

As per the description on the main page, Lyriki is a MediaWiki that provides a place for people to transcribe their favorite lyrics for others to read and make use of.

How do I use Lyriki?

To simply use Lyriki, you make use of the search box on the left, or the artist index at the top of the main page. The search box on the left allows you to quickly enter search terms like 'Thrice' or 'On Your Shore' to receive a list of pages that reference the Artist or Song you're search term is aiming at.

How do I contribute to Lyriki?

The help pages are a more complete guide, but here's the quickstart guide.

To create a new wiki page from scratch, you have two options, one is to click your name in the upper right, and edit your personal page with a temporary link to the page you want to create. You create links using the following format.

For Artist Pages: [[ArtistName]]

For Album Pages: [[ArtistName:AlbumName (Year)|AlbumName]]
[[Carbon Leaf:Meander (1996)|Meander]]
[[Blackalicious:Blazing Arrow (2002)|Blazing Arrow]]
[[Belle & Sebastian:Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003)|Dear Catastrophe Waitress]]

For Song Pages: [[ArtistName:SongName|SongName]]
[[Phillips, Craig & Dean:When God Ran|When God Ran]]
[[Razorlight:Up All Night|Up All Night]]

After saving the edit, you simply click the link you just made to be taken to the page you wanted to create.

Artist pages contain discography info, and information that applies to the artist as a whole.

Album pages contain tracklistings, album art, and information that applies to the specific album.

Song pages contain lyrics and information pertaining only to that particular song.

If you need help with the formatting, do a bit of searching around Lyriki and see how the other pages look before making a contribution. If you're not entirely sure, don't worry too much, if you make a mistake someone will come along shortly and fix it, and probably leave you a note on your Talk page informing you how to do it correctly.

Alternate Wiki Page Creation

You still need to remember the above formatting guidelines, but, in the alternate way, you simply edit the url in your address bar after the title= section. This is only good for more simple names. It's recommended that unless you just have a knack for understanding this, that you take the extra step and create the links on your own talk page and do it that way.

Note that using the URL method you don't use the bits in the above formatting after the | character.


Albums -- This section shows a good example of why the other method is better.
          Unless you know URL-encoding by heart, some titles won't be correct. Leaf:Meander (1996) Arrow (2002) %26 Sebastian:Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003), Craig & Dean:When God Ran All Night