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| song = Willie Moore
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| artist = Greg Graffin

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“Willie Moore”
Artist: Greg Graffin
Albums: Cold As The Clay (2006)
Composers: Unknown
Lyricists: Unknown

Willie Moore was a young man, his age 21 and he courted a damsel fair
Oh, her eyes were as white as a diamond after night and a wavy jet black wore her hair

He courted her by night and day until marriage they did agree
Oh, but when he came to get her parents' consent they said it could never be

She threw herself in Willie Moore's hands as often they've done before
Oh, but little did he think as he left her that night, sweet Annie he would see no more

It was about the 10th of May, a time I remember it well
That very same night little Annie disappeared in a way no tongue can tell

Sweet Annie was loved both far and near, she had friends almost all around
And beside a little brook not far from her home the body of sweet Annie were found

Her parents now are left alone, one mourns while the other'n weeps
Beside a grassy mound outside the cottage door the body of sweet Annie sleeps

Willie Moore scarcely spoke to his friends they say from the moment they both did part
And his last day was spent near his true lover's grave where he died of a broken heart