Fun Boy Three:Life in General (Lewe in Algemeen)

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“Life in General (Lewe in Algemeen)”
Artist: Fun Boy Three
Albums: Fun Boy Three (1982)
Composers: Lynval Golding
Terry Hall
Neville Staples

The man in the north has set his course
To do the things that benefits he
For health and fun, he ventures forth
With an access card and a Ford Capri

The man in between can choose his scene
His boots in the north, his roots the south
Head in the clouds, his feet on the ground
He sits on the fence while the earth spins round

North, south, east, west
Extend your hand and get what you can
This is a game they call survive
The north got the money, and the south deprived
North, south, east and west
We can run but we can't hide
Run to where the money flows
That's life in general, I suppose

The man in the south won't open his mouth
'Cause nobody listens to what comes out
The rights (rice?) and the tractors, the tents will come
When another ??? makes another pound

North, south, east, west
North, south, east, west
North, south, east, west