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| artist = Fingertips
| artist = Fingertips
| album = Catharsis
| album = Catharsis

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“Times of Sweet Delusions”
Artist: Fingertips
Albums: Catharsis (2006)
Composers: Rui Saraiva & Hélder Matos

Though I didn’t notice
My model smile has vanished
Left alone in the desert
of words with no sound
Then my childish eyes let
those ghosts live in my head
‘Till my so called dreams
Fall asleep

You breathe in
You breathe out
As long as you’re running
You’re alive
As long as it’s hurting

Funny how I used to
long to break free
If I could just face it
No one would mess with me
Could this be?

The curtains finally fell
on this time of sweet delusions