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| artist = Fingertips
| artist = Fingertips
| album = Catharsis
| album = Catharsis

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“But...I Can”
Artist: Fingertips
Albums: Catharsis (2006)
Composers: Rui Saraiva & Hélder Matos

Hear me as I'm falling, hear me as I'm crawling your way
Watch me as I'm dancing, watch me as I'm crying again
But then I promised it would change, then I promised it would be ok, dear
For now I guess I'm breathing, now I guess I'm willing to stay

You never gave me more than lies, you said I couldn't face your eyes, but I can
You said I couldn't be a star, you said I couldn't get this far but I can

So take me as I am, oh come on come on, you know they can't change you

I never tried to hurt you so I'm forced to ask you, why?
You insisted I would miss it like I couldn't even try
So now I'm here to prove you're wrong, now I'm here to sing my song for you, dear
I wouldn't crucify you cause after all the torture I grew