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“Open Your Heart”
Artist: Europe
Albums: Europe 1982-1992 (1993)

Days filled with joy and days filled with sorrow
I don't know just what to do
Am I happy today, am I lonely tomorrow
Everything depends on you

And I've been waitin'
For the angels to knock on my door
I've been hopin'
That everything could be like before

Open your heart and tell me what's wrong
Why can't you talk like you used to do before
I don't know if I'm weak, I don't know if I'm strong
Hey girl I can't cope anymore

And I've been waitin'...

Open your heart, let me hear you
Make up your mind, I want to hear you call
Open your heart, want to come near you
Make up your mind, before we lose it all

Maybe that time has its own way of healin'
Maybe it dries the tears in your eyes
But never changes the way that I'm feelin'
Only you can answer my cries

And I've been waitin'...

Open your heart, let me hear you...