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| song    = Nightwind's Lullaby
| song    = Nightwind's Lullaby
| artist  = Eternal Tears of Sorrow
| artist  = Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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“Nightwind's Lullaby”
Artist: Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Albums: Vilda Mannu (1998)

Like a mother takes care of her children, the nightwind cries for her
Hear those silent whispers... Like an infant's very first words
Light a candle for those who once were, and the dreams that never came true
Hear the silent crying of souls who lost their way home

See a child and how he dies under the shade of a birch
The silent nightwind's lullaby rocks the cradle of this world

Like a falling star of darkness gives the final sign of its life
This forsaken child of the full moon searching for a peaceful place to die
He sees a tree, the mighty one, like the one of his early years
Now he feels the safe under the tree and calls his mother wind

See the circle of light and the child and his heart full of nightly peace
Hear the divine tune, the prettiest one, the nightwind's nightly verse
Light a candle for those who once were (and their) hopeful dreams that never
Came true
Hear the silent weeping of souls who lost their way home