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Exile<br>Artist: Enya<br>----
<br>Cold as the northern winds<br>In December mornings,<br>Cold is the cry that rings<br>From this far distant shore.<br><br>Winter has come too late<br>Too close beside me.<br>How can I chase away<br>All these fears deep inside?<br><br>I'll wait the signs to come.<br>I'll find a way<br>I will wait the time to come.<br>I'll find a way home.<br><br>My light shall be the moon<br>And my path - the ocean.<br>My guide the morning star<br>As I sail home to you.<br><br>Who then can warm my soul?<br>Who can quell my passion?<br>Out of these dreams - a boat<br>I will sail home to you.

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