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Caribbean Blue<br>
Caribbean Blue<br>
Artist: [[Enya]]<br>
Artist: [[Enya]]<br>
Album: [[Shepherd Moons (1991)|Shepherd Moons]]
Albums: [[Shepherd Moons (1991)|Shepherd Moons]], [[Enya:Watermark (1988)|Watermark]]

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Caribbean Blue
Artist: Enya
Albums: Shepherd Moons, Watermark

Afer Ventus

So the world goes round and round
with all you ever knew
They say the sky high above
Is Caribbean blue ...

If every man says all he can,
If every man is true,
Do I believe the sky above
Is Caribbean blue ...

... Boreas ...
... Zephryus ...

If all you told was turned to gold,
If all you dreamed were new,
Imagine sky high above
In Caribbean blue ...

... Eurus...
Afer Ventus ...
... Boreas
Zephryus ...
... Africus ...