David Lee Roth:Yankee Rose

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“Yankee Rose”
Artist: David Lee Roth
Albums: Eat Em' and Smile (1986)

What? Well let me roll up onto the sidewalk and take a look. Yes! Wo! She's
beautiful! - I'm talkin 'bout a Yankee Rose. Ans she looks wild, wild, wild

Are you ready for the new sensation
Well here's a shot heard round the world
All you backroom boys salute
When her flag unfolds
Well, guess who's back in circulation
Now I don't know what you might have heard
But what I need right now's
The original good time girl

She's a vision form coast to coast
(Coast to coast)
Sea to shining sea
(Sea to shining sea)
Hey, sister you're the perfect host
(Make a toast)
Show me your bright lights
And your city lights, all right
I'm talkin' about the Yankee Rose
(Bright lights)
And your city lights, all right

I'm talkin' about it

When she walks
Watch the sparks go flyin'
Firecrackin' on the 4th of July
No sad songs tonight
Somethings in the air
Yeah, the feeling gets you
A real state of independence
So pretty when her rockets fly
Still provin' any night
That her flag's still there


I'm in love with the Yankee Rose

Oh, she's beatiful, alright
Mmm, nothin' like her in the whole world. Yeah!

She's right on time
I'm on the case
Pick up the phone
No time to waste
She got the beat
And there's a little bit
Comin' your way

Oh, raise 'em up there. Let's see who salutes, baby
Little bit, little bit, little bit higher
Here#s the mast, swing 'em from here
I wanna get a little bit of apple pie, man

Bright lights, city lights
(repeat and fade)