Bad Religion:Suffer (1987)

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Artist: Bad Religion
Released: November 01 1987

  1. You Are (The Government) (Graffin)
  2. 1000 More Fools (Gurewitz)
  3. How Much Is Enough? (Gurewitz)
  4. When? (Graffin)
  5. Give You Nothing (Gurewitz/Graffin)
  6. Land Of Competition (Graffin)
  7. Forbidden Beat (Gurewitz/Graffin)
  8. Best For You (Graffin)
  9. Suffer (Gurewitz/Graffin)
  10. Delirium Of Disorder (Gurewitz)
  11. Part II (The Numbers Game) (Gurewitz)
  12. What Can You Do? (Graffin)
  13. Do What You Want (Gurewitz)
  14. Part IV (The Index Fossil) (Graffin)
  15. Pessimistic Lines (Graffin)
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