World/Inferno Friendship Society:Velocity of Love

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“Velocity of Love”
Artist: World/Inferno Friendship Society
Albums: Red-Eyed Soul (2006)

We argued about the big stuff-
money, drugs and sex,
self determination, choices, and bad mistakes,
and our self respect.
I ended up counting coins, buying pills
stressing out, passed out,
caught in the velocity of love.

I am bored of the big stuff,
So we fucked up, I want my money back.
Trip me up, I’ll get you back.
My friends are all fucked up.
We ended up flipping out, smashing glass,
grasping hands, biting lips
falling hard into the velocity of love.

Counting coins, swallowing pills,
acting up then passing out,
right into it - the velocity of love.

From one preacher to another,
If fame is what you want,
you’ll get it.
One fine fuck up to another,
If a fight is what you want,
you’ll get it.
If money's all you want
then money's all you'll get.
I’d rather be drunk and in love.

Let’s not get mean about the big stuff,
you know I never cared
how product gets moved from place to place
how money's thrown from here to there
Won't end up counting coins, not buying in
not pissed off, or stressing out
I’m all caught up in it.
I’m flipping out, I'm smashing glass
I'm grasping hands, I'm biting lips,
I'm staying desperate.
And I'm not counting coins, I'm not buying in,
I'm not stressing out, I’m snapping sails
far away from all that with
the velocity of love.