Velvet Acid Christ:Vaginismus (Crotch Kick Mix)

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“Vaginismus (Crotch Kick mix)”
Artist: Velvet Acid Christ
Albums: Church Of Acid (1996)

A siren of light bleaking out
And now it's time to pull away
Into the ocean, into the sea
We always look on tv

No one lives this last day
Of generation x
For living now is the sin of all time
The sin of all time

This is where it breaks down
And now the time is seeping through
Into the back of front of you
Now is the end of the world

And then they tie you up
Into a knot, into a cloud
Well into the ground
Where satan lives

To bring all you kids
Up in a world
Where nothing's down
Come into a freaky show

They push you, into the death now
We're in the death wish
We're in the death wish

In the death wish
Where it crawls into the walls
Into the death wish
Where it crawls through the walls

Let go, this, now far
No fun with a hole
Into the death wish
Death wish, death wish