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Hi, thanks for your contributions to Lyriki, but, I've been unable to find -any- information on the two bands you've added songs for. With such 'odd' titles, I'd at least like to verify their authenticity. I don't mind the fact that they're obscure or off the wall, just need some kind of proof. All I've been able to come up with in similar vein and verify is the existance of a band called 'Anal Cunt'. Neither 'Killfucker' or 'Anal Nirvana' return any results anywhere I look. Even doing a quick search on soulseek failed to return results and it's fairly known for housing obscure music. Could you direct me to somewhere I can find more information on these bands, and/or actually verify that they exist? --Nanenj 11:41, 16 January 2006 (PST)

P.S.: You've been adding a space between the Artist:Song. The preceding space before the song name isn't quite correct. EX:

You've been doing...

Killfucker: Pulverise the Devil's Anus
Killfucker: Delicious Blasphemy
Killfucker: Evil Love

There shouldn't be a space between Killfucker: and the song name.  Proper is.

Killfucker:Pulverise the Devil's Anus
Killfucker:Delicious Blasphemy
Killfucker:Evil Love

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