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Ok...I guess this is a sort of bio? :P Well...

  • My name is Adam
  • I frequent many websites
  • I'm a big fan of
  • I'm a Forum Moderator at
  • I use Gtalk
  • I'm a Mest fan, and in general; a fan of punk, emo, hardcore and other related 'rock' (sub) genres
  • I listen to a lot of music (that's sort of what brought me here to this site)
  • I have a pretty open mind regarding music, feel free to recommend artists/tracks to me

To be honest, I've never really been that big into music lyrics. I mean yea, I have album covers/booklets with lyrics that I read or whatever when I have a question about a song's lyrics...but that's about it.

I guess, the big turn off would have to be that the majority of the lyric sites on the Internet are chock full of ads, banners, and other crap trying to either sell you, or give you a product...and then, the whole ordeal of sites with the WRONG lyrics. I'm no perfectionist, but e-mailing a webmaster or filling in a form regarding incorrect lyrics is annoying, and that's sort of what brought me here. The ability to correct anything at whim is really neat.

If you see lyrics I posted that are incorrect, contact me.

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Other contributions I can't be arsed to list (ATM) are here :P

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  • Use [[wikipedia:Everclear (band)|Everclear]] on Wikipedia for wikipedia artist links