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About Me

The music I like tends to have several (or often all) of these qualities:

  • has a high level of complexity, layers of sound, or intricacies - but not abrasive, and never 'thin'
  • is emotive or evocative, and connects on a deep level
  • has direction, like an overarching theme that goes somewhere, and doesn't repeat the same parts (ie, chorus) over and over
  • avoids short, repetitive phrasing - this just plain bugs me about 'popular' music

I'd sum it up by saying I like music that's bigger, deeper, and timeless.

My page

Current Favorite Albums

Isis - Wavering Radiant

Isis - In the Absence of Truth

Isis - Panopticon

Rosetta - Wake/Lift

Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites

Mouth of the Architect - The Ties That Blind

Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway

My listening equipment


Sennheiser HD 595

Main Sound System:

Polk Audio RM6750
Denon AVR-788
HT Omega Claro 7.1


Technics SL-1200MK2
Shure M97xE Cartridge
TCC TC-760LC Preamp

Car Sound System:

Pioneer DEH P4000UB
Polk Audio DB651