Tigarah:The Game in Rio

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“The Game in Rio”
Artist: Tigarah
Albums: Tigarah EP ()

When you make a right on that corner
You can see again the next slum area
The kids are running without shoes
The marihuana smell never stops from noon
And you can hear somebody's laughing voice somewhere
This is a beautiful city
Rio in brazil
The favela wakes up today too

No, it will never change
Life in the street will be the same
No, it will never change
Life in the street will always be the same

The visitors who came there from over the world
They are the sign of money
Once the kids in the slum find them
They start calling them: "Money, 10 Dollars"
This is the english word the learned to survive
The little boy who lost his arm
Tries to show his lost shoulder and keeps screaming


The kids are on the street today too
They follow people who have nice clothes
And they give them small money
This game repeats itself forever
Authority and money are only instruments to keep this cycle
Developed countries control this system