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“Japanese Queen”
Artist: Tigarah
Albums: Tigarah EP ()

First, come to talk to me so shily
Next, tell me you've never seen a beautiful girl like me
Don't show me yet, that you have money
It's no good if you see other girls

The moment we met the first time, the game started
Are you ready to be serious?

I'm a japanese queen
Maybe you can stay with me
I'm a japanese queen
If everything goes well
I'm a japanese queen
You will see
I'm a japanese queen
What I want to do

I'm a japanese queen
I'm yours
I can do anything for you
Wow wow wow
I'm a japanese queen
But it's up to you if we can be together
Wow wow wow

First, call me immediately
Next, get some small present for me at the first date
I'm happy when you call me to say good night
But don't talk to me about everything
Don't give me compliments for my body
Pretend to be not interested in sex
It's good to go slow, step by step


But maybe you didn't understand
Don't ask me about my past
I dont' wanna eat fast food
Don't ask me to go to your place many times
I'm not going at the early beginning
It's important to take time
Now it's time for a time-out