Thom the World Poet:Medicine Wheel

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“Medicine Wheel”
Artist: Thom the World Poet
Albums: Roses (2000)

Long time far away in another land they say
Before plane and highway
When they asked why the native American didn't have the wheel
Well they did but they didn't want to have the traffic jam scene

They looked outside the line and said that this one day
Will be a freeway if we invent the wheel
So we'll keep that medicine wheel boys and store it far away
White man come by he will blow away

Well the town came and the railways too
And the gun kill the buffalo
Now we got a with a roll goes
And the wheels flow and the cows know that every time it goes

See it's just a freeway I know below

Land of river, land of trees and now it's just a land of city
Car can't go where the buffalo roam 'cos there's no buffalo to roam
Just for the next spine of the freeway

Land of city
Land of jams
Can't cover in that medicine again

These all in the wind shot down by the gun
Seems that will happen to the red man
No more chief and no more tribe
Medicine wheel is short of size

Apologize freeway, highway too
Go in the hole where so do you
Red man grey and fade away the water you can't drink today
And there ain't no getting away from the freeway