The Strawbs:Lady Fuschia

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“Lady Fuschia”
Artist: The Strawbs
Albums: Bursting At The Seams (1973)
Composers: Hudson/Ford

A child denied all love can't weep
But bravely bears her life alone
So Fuschia as you try to sleep
You dream of friends you've never known.

In troubled years when no-one cared
You searched for comfort everywhere
For heavy burdens never shared
Become too much for one to bear.

So much to give
But those who live
Don't know of you
Your fantasy
Of love to be
Cannot come true
Oh Lady Fuschia
Oh Lady Fuschia.

Now poised above the castle walls
You look your last on lonely skies
Night's owls pray for you as they call
Returning ere the dawn shall rise.

Your loveless life
Has led you here
Not knowing why
Your troubled mind's
No longer clear
To live or die
Oh Lady Fuschia
Oh Lady Fuschia.
Oh Lady Fuschia
Oh Lady Fuschia.