The Strawbs:Back In The Old Routine

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“Back In The Old Routines”
Artist: The Strawbs
Albums: Burning For You (1977)
Composers: Cousins/Cronk/Lambert

I get up in the morning in the usual state
Listen to the breakfast show and know that I'm late
Clock in at the factory and pick up my tools
I never give a damn because the union rules (OK)
I'm back in the old routine

I drop in at the local for a pint and a chat
End up at the takeaway for Siamese cat
The wife is watching telly in a pink negligee
The midnight horror movie and she's ready to play.

I look forward to the weekend and Match of the Day
When we're back in the old routine.

Perhaps I'll win the pools and be a millionaire
I'll get myself a sports car and a sexy au pair
I'll buy myself a yacht and sail away for a year
With Susan George for company and plenty of beer
But I'm still in the old routine.