The Strawbs:Absent Friend (How I Need You)

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“Absent Friend (How I Need You)”
Artist: The Strawbs
Albums: Nomadness (1975)
Lyricists: Dave Cousins

My ashtray's flowing over
And the phone's left off the hook
I've been staring for three hours
At the first page of a book
Day and night I keep the curtains drawn
And curse the very day that I was born
And get to thinking
How I need you

I keep staring at my wristwatch
Until its ticking fills the room
And the hollow sound reminds me
Of the silence of a tomb
And as the ceiling and the walls close in
And the furniture begins to spin
I get to thinking
How I need you

And as the days go passing by
And I never get a letter
How I need you
How I need you
Days turn into weeks
And it doesn't get much better
How I need you

The gaslit streets lean slowly
As I reel against the wall
And my musty head is aching
As I stagger down the hall
Then I fill the broken glass once more
And fling the empty bottle to the floor
And get to thinking
How I need you