The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:737/Shoe Glue

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“737/Shoe Glue”
Artist: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Albums: Don't Know How To Party (1993)
Composers: Barrett/Gittleman
Lyricists: Dicky Barrett

Down the street, around the corner, over the bridge, that dirty water
College campus, mighty minds, a reactor right behind
Passed the candy factory, salvation army, fire station
Through the square, I hate that place, up the stairs

Next the doors, they never work, I never let that bother me
And I hope some worker's not disgruntled, I hope there's something there for me
An old man reads the paper loudly everyday now for a year
Stamp machines and wanted posters here again, again I'm here

Now is 737 almost everyday!
737 well, I want you to say!
737 nearly everyday!
737 almost everyday!

Nice to know that someone hears us
It's good to know somebody's there
Taking the time to say hello
Taking the time to show you care

Write again and thanks again
From the bottom of my heart
See you soon and until then
737 is a real big part

Argh! 737 almost everyday!
737 well, I want you to say!
737 almost everyday!

Hold down last time, finish stretch, finish line
Shoe glue, what can I do?
A man's not well dressed if his shoes are a mess
Rock'n'roll, I've got a hole right in my sole

Let's rock! It's fuckin' my walk and soaking my sock
Who knew? It's not stopping my step or stepping my stop
We've got it up and we won't let it drop

Beer here, don't wanna see clear
I see a point in wrecking the joint
We're here to quench our thirst a bit
But we won't get the worst of it

Turn it up more than a notch
Like a punch to the face or a kick to the crotch
All night never ending benefiting from a bender

If nothing's worrying you that's the key
Cause nothing's worrying me

And nothing's worrying me