The Legendary Pink Dots:A Terra Firma Welcome

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“A Terra Firma Welcome”
Artist: The Legendary Pink Dots
Albums: 9 Lives to Wonder (1994)

It scored E minus on its ancestry
It stuttered on the phone
They tried extensive hypnotherapy
But it sat there
Like a stone

They checked its pockets
They pumped the pentathol
Stole marrow from its bones
And left it naked
In the guest room
Quite alone

They debated for a year
The casebook stretched from here to here
Quoted precedents
And dissidents
And Johnny joined the space police
And searched the stars for refugees
His finger
On the stunner
In the name of earthly peace

And when it seemed
That space was empty
And the moon was made of cheese
They decided on a terra firma welcome

But guess
Our guest was now deceased
Rest in peace
They cut it into pieces
They sterilized them
They placed them in a case and charged admission
Now I'm watching television and I see laughter in his eyes
I hear a rumble in the sky
They're coming
Yes they're coming
For their boy

They're coming
Yes they're coming
For their boy

Find A Bin To Put It In

Find a bin to put it in