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Artist: The Invisibles
Albums: The What CD Volume 2 (2008)

Sometimes we throw it all away... if I could hear you say: "I'd
Die with one more sunny day"
I'd wait, in my own silent way... hoping you'd understand I know
Exactly what you meant

Looking back, another time
Remembering all we've left behind
All those days still breathe perfection
And in every page or memory I find you there

Sometimes there's no word left we can say, so we just sit and
Pray for it all to make sense again
I wait, in my own charmless way, and do the best I can to make
The sun feel good again

Bringing back, another time
The light that adds reason to our lives
It feels so good to breathe perfectiong
And to know that in all my future dreams, you'll still be there

Outside it's such a beautiful day... don't waste it all away
‘Cause this one's never coming back