The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches:Abnormality

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Artist: The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
Albums: Built To Fail (1998)

I look ahead, and what do I see?
Some punk rock punker waiting to punch me
Lacking common sense, emanating heat
Scarred by razors yet I'm the abnormality?
It seems everybody has a social sect
Some preset group of friends amongst whom which I don't belong
It seems that everybody wants to break my neck
Don't wanna fight and ruin the fun. Won't fight. Won't run
Abnormality. What's going on around me?
Lacking common sense, stimulate and breed
Reject all knowledge yet I'm the abnormality?
I was never one to be so cool and punk
I just think I dig the tunes a little bit more than you
And when your mind is warped by pro-elitist junk
That's a real bad path to choose. You're gonna lose
Abnormality. What's going on around me?
But now I concentrate on this. Put away your fighting fist
Show the world why you were born. Show the world why I am scorned