The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches:1-800-ALARM-ME

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Artist: The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
Albums: Three Cheers For Disappointment (2006)

Hey. I woke up today (today) to think about a dream I had
A dream I left so far away. Ten seconds pass
And as, I think twenty minutes pass
I failed my mission
Waste of life. Waste of mind. Where's my ambition?
Chalk up one girlfriend
Two broken cars
My band and friends are nothing more
Than parting shots not taken. Look how jaded I can be
When I turned 16, I already felt too old to be in this entire scene
Of sighing lazily at unaccomplished dreams
Yeah it's my home but I think its time to go
I'll hit once more so I don't wake up
I have no home, and I don't know where to go
I just can't seem to get on top of this situation normal all fucked up
Still I lay in bed
Think of all the dreams I had and clever remarks I have said
It seems like they all mean nothing
Alarm Reset
That's eight more minutes
This disaster can't exist because I'm not awake to live it
I can't seem to place where life went wrong
It's the wrong chords
It's one lame song
I'll never know what exist to get off at until its passed
So kick me in the ass
A free shot: Get it over with and kick me 'til I bleed
It seems that's all you need. Let's go! This one's on me!
I don't think I'm going outside today
I'll stay in bed all day
Declare a personal holiday
So you can take my page right of your phone book
Burn my seven digits to ashes
I won't be present in any of your classes
Eyelids are the sky as this day passes
I wanna stay asleep forever