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Artist: Supertramp
Albums: Brother Where You Bound (1985)
It Was the Best of Times (1999)
Retrospectacle (2005)

You're tellin' lies
So don't you criticize
Yeah I got used
All messed up and abused
You let me down
With all your runnin' round
Still you pretend
And try to call me friend

Don't say a word
I know just what I heard
Yeah you've been loose
You just go no excuse
Just feel my rage
Why can't you come of age?
I felt it all
Just like a cannonball

Ah get me

Then you got mad
You said that I'm all bad
So what's the use
You lied and that's the truth
You took the key
And drove right out on me
I never knew
Put all my trust in you

Okay that's it
I'm leaving now I quit
I was unwise
Don't apologise
I paid the price
For taking your advice
I felt it all
Just like a cannonball
Yeah like a cannonball

You can say what you want all day
But I've never been so outraged
Yeah I'm washing my hands of you
How could you be so untrue
You know I can't stand no more
You know I can't stand no more
I can't stand no more
Can't take no more
No more