Run-D.M.C.:Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot

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Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot
Artist: Run-D.M.C.
Album: Raising Hell

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program, with a hot news flash
Dan, Dan, are you there?
Yeah I'm here, and what a crowd!
This is Dan Summers, your super scoop news reporter, at the local ticket outlet center
Excuse me sir, what's all the excitement about?
Yo man, you don't know?!
Run-D.M.C. and the Raising Hell Tour is coming to town, B!
Yeah what will they be singing?

Together, forever, forever, together
Run-D.M.C. and we're... MY, AH-DIDAS!

Excuse me miss, who are you going to see?

Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat

Oh my God, who are all you kids running to see?!

[LL Cool J]
LL Cool J is hard as HELL

This is Dan Summers, your super scoop reporter, signing off!
Dan, what about weather, what about sports? Where are you going?
To get my Run-D.M.C. RAISING HELL tickets!! Word!