Roxette:Reaching High ( Demo )

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“Reaching High ( Demo )”
Artist: Roxette
Albums: Demo (1995)

I stand alone
On the street Where I have walked you home alone
I see your house, I hear your main gates moan
I watch two silhouettes turn into one

And then you're gone
Your name upon the door, the heartbreak's home
I make a call, you disconnect the phone
I watch two silhouettes turn into one

Reaching high, reaching high
My love was once a flame
Now I'm putting out the fire, with a pocket full of rain
Yea yea

I don't know why
You kept me hanging on all this time
I hear the drums on Radio Goodbye
I watch the shadow dancing in the night, tonight

I see the car
Your hunter rides a silver Jaguar
And how I'd like a star before the sun
I watch two silhouettes turn into one

Reaching high...