Roxette:Pearls Of Passion

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“Pearls Of Passion”
Artist: Roxette
Albums: Pearls Of Passion (1997 Remaster) (1986)

There was a banquet of believers
When we walked into the room
December days of X-mas
Felt like days in June

And there were morning light
And sunrise chimes echoed all around
Now's the time for weary minds
The moon is northern bound

And you know I'm going back
Going back today
Back to where I came from
And you know I'm going back
Going back to stay
To the alleys where
Pearls of passion came my way

There's a promise in the twilight
It's so innocent and wild
Two hearts that break the silence
You can hear a distant cry

And there's emptiness and loneliness
It's more or less the same
Let's run between the raindrops
Babe and catch the mignight train