Roxette:From Head To Toe ( Demo )

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“From Head To Toe ( Demo )”
Artist: Roxette
Albums: Demo (1995)

I knew the minute I saw you, that we, we were two of a kind. AndI knew, yea, when I danced with you, abduct in a miracle mind. Ikeep my head up high. I keep my love alive. Yea, yea, yea! / Yougo from head to toe, this mystery has taken over me - I know. Youmake the true love shine. You go from head to toe, there's allemotions flowing over me - I know. You make the true love shine, eye to eye / Well I've had a love that once blinded me, but nowit makes me wanna cry. Well her heart is soaked with suchcruelty, her 'hello'sure sounds like 'good-bye'. But I keep myhead up high. I keep my love alive. Yea, yea, yea! / You go fromhead to toe...