Ron Geesin:To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are

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“To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are”
Artist: Ron Geesin
Albums: As He Stands (1973)
A Saucerful Of Pink - A Tribute To Pink Floyd (1995)

Better get the fire goin'
Bloody fire better burn
Come on
(Snnf snnf)
(Snnf snnf)
Ay you fire
That's it
Go on there
Ay get that fire goin'
Ha hay ach
It's verra cold today hoh
Oh dear
Them bloody hell's across there?
Look at that there across there
All them bloody clouds comin' up, terrible

Well we'll just have to keep
Oh now look
Ooh ha hey that's it now
Come on get it on me a crow ha hey
Oh ha hey verra good

Hey now
That's it mate

Hey hey now
That aye then
That's fine
You play it like that all night
All right och ho
Ay hey waay
Och aye
Oh dear oh dear
Ah dear now
Go on get that fire goin' again
Get that bloody ring up
Bloody piper all at night
Put me fire out
Go on
Get on with it all now
What that
Smell of
Burned the hairs of my legs