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“New West”
Artist: Ricky Brown

No Clue!

It's a plot to a scheme
Wanna see y'all throwin' it up, when I stop in the scene
Bigga' niggas' n' bigga dreams, a lot that I neva seen
Is neva wit a scene, but as soon as I stop on the scene (CLUE!)
Wit an attitude like "I don't give a fuck",
I'm lovin' the way she's shakin' her butt
Lemme fantasize it n' I really wanna cut
Take her to the back of the truck, to see what's up

I'm so ..., remember the West in '96, they wrote
Multiple gangsta hits, never gonna be the same
See the games gonna flip every time I spit
So let's slide to the side
Everybody that's feelin' the vibe
Lemme see ya throw ya hands in the sky
And everybody let's rise

So tell me whatcha know about the WEST
Wear a bulletproof vest, in your chest, in the WEST
Manifest, in the WEST
So your teddy in the caddy in the WEST
Tell me y'all forgot about the West? heh

Legendary, unliterary
Pulmonary, never limitary
Con fools like this manditery
The rap game's most revolutionary
Half the rappers in the game ain't very scary, heh

Y'all know whasup!
Four fingahs up
Two twisted in the middle with the thumb cupped
Every room, lemme see ya throw it up
Makin' money 'till ya neva gonna try this love

From C-Town to Sectown
The Bay area back-down
From Portland to Oakland
L.A. up n' smokin'

We west coast representin', throwin' up them dubs
Collar pop this ... jacket cause they wanna get cut
We throw the West up high
Can't nobody see the West where we ride
So throw ya hands in the sky
And everybody let's rise

I'm the most lyrically elevated,
Articulated but hated,
I'm physically orchestrated,
See they mad that I made it
Incriminated, distated,
Interrogated the base that I manipulated the rap days in the bay (never thought I'd see the day)
Metaphorically cumulated, captivated,
opinuated and verbally irritated the mind
I got to play at these sources, and I made it
The games were barricaded, but also what you make it

Ain't nobody showin' nobody no pity in the WEST
Everybody already they feelin' gritty in the WEST
Other females wanna get up in this shorty kitty kemmel be a part of the committee (only in the west)
Everybody from the South-East to the Mid-West
Never gonna be the type to be put to the test
Gonna take a little time to confess
I'm only one of the best
And never-less 'cuz came with it off of your chest

I'm a rare version, emergin', conversion, aversion, encouragin'
Never lyrical reversion n' urgent, swervin' n' splurgin'
reconversion, metaphorically servin'

Super-supremacist lyrical, physical, typical nemesis lyrically gifted
The bitches they women is taking my gritty so please never take this so serious

Speculating, motivated, be personated, belated, eliminating, too good to be rated and hated
Nobody never degrading, disintegrated
Could they be mad that I made it that I came and invaded, so

From C-Town to Sectown
The Bay area back-down
From Portland to Oakland
L.A. up n' smokin'

Chorus x4