Preacher John:Ganja

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Artist: Preacher John
Albums: Bohemian Night Volume 1 (2001)
A Dog Called Z (2001)

Oy oy
It's Preacher John 'ere
Here's a poem called Ganja

There's a man banged up in jail
With multiple sclerosis
By those who haven't got it
Who tell him
He can only take doses
Of the drugs prescribed by his registered quack
Which would be all roses
Except that the pills don't work
Or the side-effects are grievous
Our man can't kick back and toke a spliff
Even though it stops the pain and the shakes
And returns his limbs to life
No, he must suffer

Why can't he take this herb?
Bliss gift from nature
Smoked by millions
For thousands of years

Well now
Ganja grow most anywhere
And pretty fast at that
Ganja clothe you and make you rope
Ganja fuel you and warm your house
Ganja build a house, it's pretty tough
Ganja feed you and heal too
Ganja get you high
And you got seed it's mostly free

Now you can see why they can't stand this prince of weeds
It must be banned
'Cos a gift like this
It free the race of Man