Pink Floyd:Heartbeat, Pigmeat

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“Heartbeat, Pigmeat”
Artist: Pink Floyd
Albums: Zabriskie Point (1970)
A CD Full of Secrets (1992)

“I didn’t get it. All right, all right, I got a question. We are actually ... What are we going to do? Nothing? ...”
“They're saying it's because teenagers are sometimes so freaked out if they cannot deduct straight to your class. ...”
“ ... What’s happening in school is that ...I mean that’s what ... really about ... you know, perhaps white people are more depressed than black people because we can see to see more efficiently, we have better vision better ... better the better question is ...”
“... Motor manufacturers in the states report life expectancy of their engines is double, (you don't like women) ... a number of women ...”


“Maxi coats are both a curse and a blessing for New York. Dry cleaners are charging ... new styles ...”
“... pounds in a police today. And they say ...”
“We’re taking our nags, Ace. Yeah. And they've been damn good targets in themselves. Let him have it. ... different maps ... Win a Florida Holiday and a colour TV. ... battery.”
“... than black people ... outside you walk. Out you drop. ...” (Bang Bang)
"because anybody'd be happy with ..."
“... I went to see him just once ... I've got a magnifier ... Please use two hands ... years”