Petra:Pied Piper

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“Pied Piper”
Artist: Petra
Albums: Not of This World (1983)
Composers: Bob Hartman
Lyricists: Bob Hartman

(1 Timothy 6:5, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 Timothy 4:3, Romans 16:17)

It's not so hard to understand what people see in you
You tell them it's okay to have their cake and eat it too
You traded truth for Godless gain and no one will suspect
You're such a clever counterfeit of all that you reject

Pied Piper playing the tune they want to hear
Putting a tickle in their ear
Pied Piper wanting them all to follow you
Knowing not where you lead them to
But all the time you're leading them astray

The sheep just sit there grinning as they listen to your lies
Never knowing when you pull the wool over their eyes
You've got them trained to say "How High" whenever you say jump
And those who disagree with you, you always seem to stump

You may not mean to harm a soul you say you're innocent
But when the final tally comes you made more than you spent
You knew they'd have to pay the price of listening to you
You knew before long they'd have to pay the Piper too