Pearl Jam:Green Disease

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“Green Disease”
Artist: Pearl Jam
Albums: Riot Act (2002)

it's a disease and they're all green
it emanates from their being
a satiation with occupation
and like weeds with big leaves
stealing light from what's beneath
where they have more
still they take more
i know, then i don't
there's a stow-away with my throat
it's deceiving, i don't believe him
we can scream out our doors
behind the wall, a fat man snores
in his dreams, he's choking ti leaves
well i guess there's nothing wrong with what you say
but don't sell me, "there can't be better ways"
tell the captain, "the boat's not safe, and we're drowning"
turns out he's the one making waves, waves, waves...
i said there's nothing wrong with what you say
believe me, i'm just asking you to sway
no white or black, just grey
can you feel this world with your heart and not your brain?