Motörhead:Back At The Funny Farm

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“Back at the Funny Farm”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Meltdown (Disc 3) (1991)

Hammer pounding in my heart, I think it's gonna burst
Spring unwinding in my head, I don't know which is worse
I hear you talking but the words are kinda strange
One of us is crazy and the other one's insane
Stay Calm, don't be alarmed, it's just a holiday
Back At The Funny Farm

Nothing in this cold white room to help me recognise
I don't understand why everyone is in disguise
I gotta leave right now, I can't stay here no more
But I'm afraid to try in case they lock the door

Can't find no windows but I gotta get outside
Can you help me stand it feels like both my legs have died
What was that injection 'cos I think it's going wrong
I really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long