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Artist: Moe.
Albums: Wormwood (2003)

Listen sister have you heard about the holiday
Were it the other day
I fell asleep, now she's gone away
So won't you tell me all the secrets
that I need to know
Before I go and throw it all away
Before I go and throw it all away

Maybe there's a couple things that I should have done
Or I could have done
Well I don't know, but she'd still be here today
If I just changed my old perspectives or my attitude
Or the things I do
Well maybe she'd have never gone away

Chorus (done twice):
I am done, take me home [Al & Chuck]
She gave up a long time ago [Rob]
Take the time, take the time [Al & Chuck]
It's a shame he's the last to know [Rob]

So I'll just sing another song about the love and loss
to get my point across
Bestowing words of wisdom on the way
Unless you'd rather hear another one about the rain
or the singer's pain
and the important things that he has to say

Chorus x2

Bridge x 4:
(parts are sung simultaneously)
They were happy in another place
(Turn back the hands of time [Al and Chuck] )
Always thought they'd get by [all]
Woke one morning, and he heard her say
(Turn back the hands of time [Al and Chuck] )
Why'd I waste all of my time. [all, only Rob on last refrain]