Milla Jovovich:Fall Too Soon

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“Fall Too Soon”
Artist: Milla Jovovich
Composers: Milla Jovovich
Bjorn Meyer

Another crystal grin to make up for the dark skies
Put on my best dress so the mess won't touch my little insides
Did you think I'd still be greener than the weed inside your glass pipe?
Greener than the vomit on your shirt

Dreaming of a lady strangling a flower
A pretend park with pretend children in your pretend sight
My love, my love was waiting open armed and close hearted
Still out there with this setting sun

And if I could just fall too soon
I still wouldn't get there quick enough
Waiting waiting... still wouldn't be no one waiting around
But I'll get myself there anyhow

I cup the silence so your whisper can be seen
Just me and Kim Marie were braiding eyes and thoughts and memories
Can't put my finger on the way you taste or what's your face
Or... what was that you told me with a sigh?

Why put that dream in your scream?
Why tell me to fuck off?
Put the past in the sugar bowl
Make it all a little creamier...

If I could just...
If I could just...
If I could just fall too soon
If I could just...
If I could just fall too soon